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The Power of Partnership – Spotlight on UK Retailer Dunelm

Historically blackout and lined curtains have been a problem for manufacturers, customers, and cleaners alike.

The wrong fabric combination and a lack of aftercare testing instruction can lead to using an incorrect cleaning method.

Dunelm had been working hard on a sustainable and robust care solution and approached GreenEarth Cleaning to provide context and insight from our perspective.  In partnership with GreenEarth affiliate Johnson Cleaners, we looked at the construction of the range and devised a testing plan that would compare the most commonly used forms aftercare (Perc, Wet Cleaning and GreenEarth) versus a control.

The results were extremely favourable towards GreenEarth Cleaning and then began the process of Dunelm recommending GreenEarth Cleaning on the care label.  Our marketing team was able to offer design support to look at labelling options, to provide designs to Dunelm’s chosen labelling company.  We recommended to Dunelm that they display the (F) care symbol, as this automatically recommends a gentler and milder cleaning process. We also added some wording that encouraged the customer to use GreenEarth, alongside our logo and the website address for our global store locator.

So, if you see Dunelm curtains with the GreenEarth logo on the packaging and the care label, you know these are the ranges that have been tested by GreenEarth Cleaning and Johnson Cleaners.

This was then followed by a project meeting involving the GreenEarth Cleaning Team, the relevant fabric technologists, and representation from the Dunelm marketing team.  We collectively wanted to make sure that the messaging went beyond the care label.  This meant making sure that customers understood what GreenEarth cleaning was and how to access it and also that the Dunelm colleagues were equipped to deal with any queries from customers.

This has resulted in in-store and online communications pieces, outer product packaging, as well as colleague briefings.

Now, GreenEarth Cleaning is recommended on the labels of all lined and blackout curtains. And what’s more Dunelm customers can currently get 10% off curtain cleaning using GreenEarth Cleaning via Johnson Cleaners.