About Us

Prestige Cleaners provides dry cleaning and laundry services to commercial and retail customers around the greater Sacramento area. As the first dry cleaner in the world to test and exclusively use the patented GreenEarth® Cleaning process, Prestige only provides environmentally friendly and safe cleaning. The GreenEarth® Cleaning process enables Prestige to produce clothing that looks, feels and smells better than traditional dry cleaning methods.

Jim Douglas, Owner, Founder, CPD, CPW, CED

Jim Douglas is the co-owner of Prestige Cleaners, Founder of GreenEarth, and past President of the California Cleaners Association. He is licensed by the State of California to teach and certify drycleaners for California’s mandatory certification program (ATCM). He has been a member of the California Air Resources Board’s Task Force and Chairperson for the Legislative Environmental Committee for the California Cleaners Association.

Jane Douglas, Owner

Jane Douglas is the co-owner and operator of Prestige Cleaners. She is certified by the California Board of Fabricare and has been a dry cleaner for more than 40 years. Jane and Jim are proud to have a staff at Prestige Cleaners with an average of 25 years in the dry cleaning industry.